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Mogo Zoo

Mogo Wildlife Park is a privately run zoo that is home to a diverse range of endangered and unusual animals. The wildlife park is located in the ancient gold mining town of Mogo, 10 kilometers south of Batemans Bay, and is set over several acres of magnificently landscaped gardens, offering world-class habitats for over 100 animals, including Australia's largest collection of primates.

When you visit Mogo Wildlife Park, you can come face to face with animals such as meerkats, feed a lion or tiger, or admire our adoring red pandas. The zoo's large grounds are home to zebras and southern white rhinos, as well as Australia's only white lions. Read on to find out how to book the best Mogo Wildlife Park tickets and all the other information you need for a fruitful visit.

Highlight Animals at Mogo Zoo

Mogo Wildlife Park's dedication to endangered species protection is paired with meeting today's visitor expectations for zoos. The park provides world-class infrastructure for nearly 250 animals, including more than 44 rare or exotic species.

Mogo zoo tickets lion

African Lion

The king of the jungle, lions are powerful and majestic and have no natural predators. However, due to a loss of habitat and conflict with humans, African lion populations have plummeted by almost 40% in the previous three generations. Of all the large cats, lions are the most friendly. They live in prides, which are often made up of related mothers and their pups.

Mogo zoo tickets tiger

Sumatran Tiger

From the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the Sumatran tiger is a population of Panthera tigris sondaica. Sumatran tigers are the tiniest of all tiger subspecies, weighing up to 140 kg in captivity. They appear to be more grizzled and maned than other subspecies.

Mogo zoo tickets snow leopard

Snow leopard

The snow leopard, sometimes known as the ounce, is a felid of the Panthera family that is native to Central and South Asia's alpine ranges. The snow leopard's muscular frame enables it to easily traverse large steep hills. It can leap six times its body length thanks to its rear legs.

Mogo zoo tickets serval


The Serval is an African wild cat that lives in the wild. It is uncommon in North Africa and the Sahel, but common in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the exception of rainforest regions. It is found in protected areas throughout its range, and hunting is either outlawed or limited in range countries.

Mogo zoo tickets fennec fox

Fennec Fox

The Fennec fox is a small crepuscular fox that can be found in the Sahara Desert, Egypt's the Sinai Peninsula, and Israel's Arava and Negev deserts. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its abnormally wide ears, which aid in heat dissipation. The fennec is the tiniest member of the canid family.

Mogo Zoo tickets

Red Panda

With a bear-like body and thick russet fur, the red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat. The belly and limbs are black, while the side of the head and above its little eyes have white patterns. Red pandas are acrobatic and skilled animals that prefer to live in trees. The Eastern Himalayas are home to about half of the red panda's habitat.

Mogo zoo tickets pygmy marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset

The pygmy marmoset (genus Cebuella) is a small New World monkey found in the rainforests of South America's western Amazon Basin. At just over 100 gm, it is the world's tiniest monkey and one of the world's smallest primates.

mogo zoo tickets cotton top tamarin

Cotton-top Tamarin

The tiny cotton-top tamarins, which weigh less than a pound, get their name from a spike of white hair on their heads. The monkeys, dubbed the cutest in South America, keep researchers entertained with their antics. Cotton-top tamarins are one of the world's most endangered primates.

Mogo zoo tickets siamang


Siamangs are arboreal creatures that live in the rain and monsoon forests of the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. A huge neck sac distinguishes them, which they use to create socially significant vocalizations. The illegal pet trade and habitat destruction have put these primates in jeopardy.

Mogo zoo tickets western lowland gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla

Western lowland gorillas differ from other gorilla subspecies by being significantly smaller, having brown-grey coats, and having reddish chests. The western lowland gorilla is one of two subspecies of western gorillas that reside in central Africa's montane, primary and secondary forests, and lowland swampland.

mogo zoo tickets orangutan


Orangutans are large apes that live in the Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests. They are now exclusively found in Borneo and Sumatra, but they once roamed Southeast Asia and South China during the Pleistocene. Orangutans, which are classified in the genus Pongo, were once thought to be a single species.

Mogo zoo tickets zebra

Plains Zebra

Plains zebras, sometimes known as common zebras, are the most common and widely distributed zebra species. Its distribution is patchy, but it includes much of southern and eastern Africa south of the Sahara.

Animal Encounters at Mogo Zoo

Our visitors get to witness the great collection of exotic creatures at Mogo Wildlife Park. If you want something extra special, the Up Close & Personal encounters will be an adventure you will remember for a lifetime.

Mogo Zoo tickets

Feed a Tiger

Have you ever heard a tiger's laugh? Kiawah, the stunning tiger of Mogo Zoo, is certain to leave an indelible impact on brave cat lovers. This magnificent male tiger is sure to melt your heart and his enormous size, strength, and appetite will leave you speechless.

Mogo zoo tickets lions

Feed a Lion

The lion feed is for big cat fans who want to get up close and personal with their favorite feline. As you approach the gate, you will be greeted by our gorgeous white lions. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hand-feed and observes our magnificent lions.

Mogo zoo tickets meerkats

Play with Meerkats

Meet-and-greets with Meerkats are by far our most popular attraction. Our meerkats aren't afraid to jump up on your lap, shoulder, or head, thanks to their busy and curious temperament. They are passionate about food and get giddy when new people come in to serve their favorite dishes.

Mogo zoo tickets red panda

Feed a Red Panda

Come meet our Nepalese red pandas and feel their gorgeous fur. These friendly, beautiful creatures will gladly come and feed with you in the morning or afternoon. You'll be able to hand-feeding them their favorite fruits and veggies.

Mogo zoo tickets squirrel monkey

Sit with Squirrel Monkeys

The squirrel monkey encounter is the ideal gift for any primate enthusiast. With their naughty disposition, these cheeky monkeys are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. As you approach their enclosure in search of food, they will excitedly jump on your shoulder.

Mogo Zoo tickets

Primate Island Cruise

There's no better way to get up close with our friendly primates than to cruise the gorgeous Primate Islands?. You'll board our keeper boat and go to two of our Primate Islands, where you'll be able to hand-feed our breeding family of cotton-top tamarins and Madagascar's rare ring-tailed lemurs.

Mogo Zoo tickets

Meet a Rhino

This experience allows you to get close with our spectacular male white rhinos while also giving you access to our off-exhibit area. You'll be taken behind the scenes by an experienced keeper to visit the night dens, yards, and feed area, as well as learn everything there is to know about these two handsome males.

Mogo zoo tickets emperor tamarin

Meet an Emperor Tamarin

One of our gentlest and sweetest encounters is with an emperor tamarin. They have a lovely, friendly temperament, and will joyfully greet you with their distinctive chirps and whistles as you enter their enclosure.

Mogo zoo tickets servals

Play with Servals

Get a close look at the amazing African Serval cats in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Guests will enter the enclosure with our cat keeper to experience the remarkable felines' playfulness and agility. You'll be able to get up close to the animals, allowing you to shoot incredible nature shots.

Mogo Zoo Camping Adventures

Mogo Wildlife Park, home to Australia's most diversified collection of exotic wildlife, now allows visitors to camp overnight in the great outdoors!

The new experience is all-inclusive, with tents, mattresses, and meals included, as well as a group animal encounter upon arrival, making it ideal for families, couples, singles, and groups. After dinner, guests will get the opportunity to learn about the South Coast's rich history and enjoy live country music over a campfire. Guests will be awakened by the distinct calls of animals the following morning and will be fueled with a meal overlooking the park's Sumatran tigers. Guests are welcome to visit the park after breakfast with the tigers.

Mogo Zoom

Professional photographer June Andersen teaches classes at the MOGO Zoom Learning Centre, which is located inside the magnificent grounds of Mogo Wildlife Park.

The majestic animals of Mogo Wildlife Park, together with the lovely sounds of lions and tigers, as well as the sweet songs of gibbons, make this a distinctive and unique location for photography and learning. The MOGO Zoom course lasts two days and allows participants access to locations that are typically unavailable to park visitors, including purpose-built viewing platforms and camera portholes.

Plan Your Visit

Getting There
Show timetable
Park Rules
Mogo Zoo tickets

Monday to Sunday: 9 AM - 4 PM

Keeper talks and feeding sessions begin at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM each day. The zoo remains closed on Christmas Day.

Mogo Zoo tickets

Address: 222 Tomakin Road, Mogo, NSW 2536, Australia

Find it on maps.

Directions by Car: From the North (Batemans Bay): Travel 10 kilometers south on the Princes Highway (about 10 minutes) until you reach Mogo, then turn left onto Tomakin Road.

Bus Line: 700-1

Nearest Stations: Princes Hwy Before Annett St is 2522 meters away, 33 min walk, George Bass Dr At Ainslie Pde is 4612 meters away, 59 min walk.

Mogo Zoo tickets

The zoo is wheelchair accessible. Several steps have also been put in place at our wildlife park to facilitate the experience of guests with assistance dogs while also ensuring the care of all animals. If you are planning a visit to Mogo Wildlife Park with an Assistance dog, please email the park authorities 48 hours ahead of time to ensure that the appropriate Animal Care team members are available to greet you.

Mogo Zoo tickets
  • Feed a tiger: ​​10 am, 12 pm 2 pm daily
  • Feed a lion: 2:30 pm Sat & Sun
  • Play with our meerkats:
    10.30 am 12.00 pm 2.30 pm Mon - Fri
    10.30 am 12.00 pm 1:30 pm 2.30 pm Sat & Sun
  • Feed a red panda: 9.30 am daily
  • Sit with our squirrel monkeys: 11 am daily
  • Meet our rhino: 2 pm daily
  • Play with our servals: 10:30 am daily
  • Mogo ZOOM: Sat 12 noon to 5 pm
Mogo Zoo tickets
  • The park is a smoke-free zone, as defined by the NSW RFS and NSW law, and this behavior is completely forbidden.
  • For the duration of your stay, pets are not permitted on the premises of the campground.
  • The campsite grounds will be accessible by vehicle. To get to the overflow parking lot, please follow the directional signage. 
  • Vehicles are parked at your own risk, and administration is not liable for car or contents theft or damage.
  • Unless accompanied by authorized personnel, only follow approved trails within the site and always stay within camping boundaries.
  • All minors under the age of 18 must be monitored at all times by a responsible adult.
  • To create a stress-free and peaceful environment for the animals and caretakers, children must stay calm and quiet during animal encounters.
Mogo Zoo tickets
  • Murramarang National Park: Murramarang National Park is located 206 kilometers southwest of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Murramarang is part of the Ulladulla to Merimbula Important Bird Area, which BirdLife International designated as such because of its importance to swift parrots.
  • Caseys Beach: Caseys Beach has all you've come to expect from Australia's sun-kissed beaches, with golden sands, some outstanding fishing places, nearly year-round swimming, and good surf breaks. In the summer, go swimming or surfing to cool off, or stroll along the beach in the winter.
  • Calendula Creek Nature Reserve: Cullendulla Creek Nature Reserve, located near Batemans Bay, provides stunning views of the surrounding area and islands, as well as picnic areas, birdwatching, and easy treks.
Mogo Zoo tickets

Budget: Luhana Motel Moruya, Coastal Comfort Motel, Holiday Lodge Motor Inn

Mid-range: Corrigans Cove, Barlings Beach Holiday Park, Lincoln Downs Resort

Luxury: Marina Resort, Batemans Bay Lodge, Quays Hotel

Visitor Tips

  • Book your Mogo Wildlife Park tickets online to both get great discounts and avoid the hassle of waiting in line at the ticket counter. Having your tickets booked beforehand also allows you to plan your day better.
  • Avoid visiting Mogo Wildlife Park during weekends and public holidays since a lot of local crowds also head over to the park making it crowded.
  • Be respectful of the animals and don’t heckle them or feed them.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes since you’ll be covering a lot of ground when exploring the wildlife park.
  • Pack a picnic or a quick snack and enjoy it on the vast grounds of the Mogo Wildlife Park.

All Your Questions About Mogo Wildlife Park Tickets Answered

Where can I buy tickets to Mogo Zoo?

You can buy tickets to Mogo Zoo online to avail major deals and discounts.

Where can I buy cheap tickets to Mogo Zoo?

You can purchase discounted tickets to Mogo Zoo online.

What's the best way to purchase Mogo Zoo?

The best way to purchase Mogo Zoo Tickets is buying them online at major deals and discounts. It will ensure a hassle-free experience without any long queues.

How long does the Mogo Zoo take?

You can explore the entirety of Mogo Zoo in around 2-2.5 hours.

Who owns Mogo Wildlife Park?

From the end of November 2019, Featherdale Wildlife Park took over full ownership and management of Mogo Zoo, which was formerly owned by Sally Padey.

Is Mogo Zoo open after the fires?

Yes, Mogo Zoo reopened 2 months after the devastating fires of January 2020.

Are there koalas at Mogo Zoo?

Yes, there are koalas at Mogo Zoo and you can even get pictures clicked with them.

Is there a gorilla at Mogo Zoo?

Yes, Mogo Zoo is home to Kisane, a 12-year old, black-back male gorilla who arrived from Howletts Zoo in the UK.

How many animals are at Mogo Zoo?

Mogo Zoo is home to over 200 animals at present.